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website and blog

Ooh haven't updated in a little because I've been working on my website! yay! It's all up and running and this time my domain name worked. I still don't know why it didn't last time...oh well.


My blog is also going which is another reason for the lack of updating. I've been practicing patterning which has been challenging and fun. My number one goal this summer is to get one design printed and made into a garment. That would really help me get ideas going for next year. At first I was thinking I'd be making a variety of products to sell for art market but I think I'm going to narrow that down and try this pattern thing if it all works out.

After that, the big plan is to apply to clothing companies as a designer. Eee! I hope it all works out.


After watching one of the latest episodes of How I Met Your Mother, I saw one of Lily's outfits and I've been inspired. Based on her outfit, I really want these!!

with this!


I'm on a crochet spree! Yesterday I used my first pattern and made a very cute hat. I'd been wanting a red floppy hat since I saw Rachel with one and found a free pattern online to try. I'm trying to prep myself because I want to make the Moorish Mosaic Afghan in Interweave Magazine's Fall issue for my boyfriend. The colors I posted in my last entry are the ones I'd like to use for the afghan. I'm not too sure about the peach color on the right though. I feel like it needs a tiny bit more red. I guess it's always my instinct to match green with red besides the complementary factor. Just orange and green always seems weird to me. I guess that combination will always symbolize Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in my mind.

Don't you hate it when you think of great Christmas presents to ask for after Christmas has already ended? Yesterday I decided that I really should invest in some good make-up. I've been using the same crap for years and it's not really doing anything for me. I've gotten to the point where I only wear foundation and mascara. Which is nice but it's not really what I want. Wouldn't it be great for your birthday to have someone take you to a make-up counter or store and have a professional try colors on you and then after buy everything for you?

I love these

New Artists

My work has seriously been suffering so far this year. Or at least it feels that way to me. I know that it's not awful but it doesn't feel like particularly anything to me which is just about the worst thing possible for artist I think. I had a really great talk with Eleni last night and it made me feel a lot better. I've decided to drop my concentration and just take classes I want to take before it's too late. I'm going to take Intro to Fibers and possibly another painting class.
I'm struggling with my Illustration work because I'm not making things that relate back to me at all. They're not my style or my taste and that needs to change. I think the right way to get back on track is to find the right work that inspires me and just go for things like I used to. I definitely stopped taking chances lately and it's put a huge damper on my work to the point where I feel like I have no real artistic vision.
I loved the work on the third floor of Fox that was up up until today. I think it might've been Juniors' work from last year in The Illustrated book. It was literally all amazing and so inspiring. I also just found this artist which a Illustration Mundo said was redefining art nouveau and the portrait of the woman. Her website is awful but her work is great. I especially love her earlier work. Recently she's been doing these anime-esque landscapes or concept art that I don't quite love as much.

>> check her out here


I have a blog

I really tried to avoid making one of these. I wanted to stay true to my LJ. Oh well! here's my blog


True Blood

When did this show get so good? I watched the first season and thought, "meh. It's pretty alright." It had way too much sex, not as bad as The Tudors but still pretty bad. I like the humor of it. I especially love one scene in particular where Bill and Eric, two very old and serious vampires, are shopping in Forever 21. This season though is great.

summer update

So the craziness that is Pre-College is now officially over. We moved out immediately on Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend trying to relax. On Tuesday I flew back to NH and immediately went to rehearsal for Bat Boy and started camp the following morning. Camp is awesome as ushe. I wish I had been there for the first session because that one is almost always better, probably just because the energy is still up but I'm glad to be there at all. I'm helping out with the older kids in Guys And Dolls, it should be pretty amazing because all of them have such great instincts.

Today I'm attending camp for a few hours until I head to the bus station and off to New Paltz. I'll staying at Mohonk Mountain House which is big, and fancy, and fun, and should be an adventure. I'm not looking forward to the bus ride though, especially after what happened in Canada... eek.

Ooh saw Harry Potter and I'll update with some thoughts later.